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Posted 02/19/2019 01:12PM

What is a Case Study Program and why should you attend?

by Joe Runge, Director of College Counseling

Carrollwood Day School's College Counseling office is pleased to present our first college admission Case Study program. What is a Case Study program you ask? It is an opportunity to sit down with a small group of students or parents (students will be placed with students and parents with parents) and read actual admissions files. An undergraduate admissions counselor from a major university in the United States will guide each group.

Attendees will be given the history of a university and what the school is seeking in modeling their freshman class (institutional interests, athletes, accomplished academics, first generation college students, bigger freshman class, and students of color to name just a few).

After reading the history and institutional needs of this particular university, student and parent groups will then read five “real” admission files (grades and curriculum rigor, GPA trend lines, test scores, essay, teacher recommendations, and unique talents or activities).

When finished reading the five admission files, each group will accept two candidates, deny two candidates, and waitlist one candidate. Then, each group will present to the larger audience as to why they decided to make the decisions they did.

The Case Studies program is designed to afford parents and students an intimate view of how and why colleges make admission decisions, some of which make sense to the university but may not make sense to students or parents. The program is deliberate with respect to educating parents and students on how undergraduate admissions decisions are made so they can better understand their own outcomes.

I would consider this a “ must attend” program. Attendance is very limited due to CDS space restrictions.

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