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Blinded Me With Science
Posted 11/15/2018 05:58PM

First graders explore states of matter

Think you know the answer to this riddle?

Three lives have I:
Gentle enough to soothe the skin;
Light enough to caress the sky;
Hard enough to crack rocks.
What am I?

For our first graders, the answer is easy – water!  The students are immersing themselves (pun intended) in their latest unit of inquiry, “What’s the Matter?” They have learned that everything in the universe is matter, that is, takes up space and has mass.  In MakerLab, the students have created their own gas-propelled vehicles, using balloons, tubes, water bottles, and cups.  And thanks to a fun, interactive lesson in the DREAM Lab, the students have been able to perform virtual  experiments with the various states of matter.  

See how the first graders are using technology – iPads, Nearpod and PhET Interactive Simulations – to expand their understanding of the states of matter:

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