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A Little Morning Music
Posted 11/01/2018 12:11PM

US Orchestra’s First Children’s Concert

Thursday morning marked another historic first for Carrollwood Day School as the Upper School Orchestra performed the school’s first-ever Children’s Concert for the entire elementary school. The upper school musicians have been coming in early for rehearsals before school as well as during their lunch and advisory periods to prepare for their debut public performance of the year at the MS and US Winter Concert on Tuesday evening, December 11.  We are so appreciative and proud of these dedicated musicians for adding one more early morning session to their busy schedules to make this concert possible.

Concert Emcees9th graders, Kayla and Ceniya served as the emcees and guides for this special introduction to the exciting world of symphonic music. They first introduced the audience to the families of instruments that are part of the CDS US Orchestra as the musicians held up their instruments for all to see.  They met the stringed instruments: 3 violins, 4 guitars, and 2 cellos; the instruments with keyboards: piano and accordion; a big percussion instrument: the bass drum; and the wind instruments: a bass clarinet, a clarinet, an oboe, a trombone, and a trumpet! Between the performance pieces, students had an opportunity to hear the range and interesting sounds each instrument can make. They also were introduced to various melodies to listen for in the program.

Throughout their tour of the instruments, the students also learned some interesting facts.  Did you know…

  • You don’t usually see an accordion in an orchestra, but CDS has one!
  • A cello is also great for making cow noises?
  • Pianos are keyboard instruments that are actually percussion instruments? They have little hammers inside of them that hit strings when you press the keys! So if you play the piano you are a percussionist!


There was an audible gasp of excitement in the audience when the first piece of the day, “Obliviate” by French Composer Alexandre Desplat from the Harry Potter movies was introduced. The students sat at the edge of their seats waiting for the music to begin… but something was missing! There was no conductor! Kayla explained the conductor, US music teacher Mr. Mayo, may be a little nervous and suggested that if the audience started to clap he might come out.  That did the trick. As the orchestra prepared to play, Ceniya hinted that if the students listen carefully, they would be able to hear the hogwarts express, now dark and gloomy, come out of the smoke created by the bass drum…. And the concert began!

The elementary students were a wonderful audience as the US Orchestra played two additional pieces: “Waltz No. 2,” by Russian composer, Dmitri Shostakovich and “In the Hall of the Mountain King,” by Edvard Grieg, a composer from Norway.


Bravo to the entire US Orchestra for a wonderful morning concert! We look forward to this becoming a new school tradition!

Conductor:    Mr. James Mayo, US Music Teacher

String Instruments:
            Violins:            Ellen, Chloe, and Brian
            Guitars:           Noah, Simon, Chloe, and Evan
            Cellos:             Petra and Stephanie

Keyboard Instruments:
            Piano:             Naresh and Ethan
            Accordion:      Joseph

Percussion Instrument:
            Bass Drum:    Dhruv

Wind Instruments:
            Bass Clarinet: Dylan
            Clarinet:        Joseph
            Oboe:            Mrs. Callahan (MS Music Teacher)
            Trombone:     Ella
            Trumpet:       Jaden


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