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Breakout EDU
Posted 09/17/2018 07:48PM

Ultimate Classroom Gaming Adventures

BreakoutEDU KitEarly in September, Matt Treese, Director of Innovation and Jim Poulin, MS/US Innovation Integrator, introduced BreakoutEDU to the middle school and upper school faculties. BreakoutEDU is a unique educational kit that transforms classrooms into the ultimate gaming experience. Inspired by escape room adventure games where teams enter into a locked room and have to solve a series of mysteries and puzzles in order to get out, BreakoutEDU challenges student teams to open a series of locks on a box rather than escape from a locked room. Teachers can design their own challenges or choose from hundreds of subject pack games in a full range of subjects and grade levels developed by BreakoutEDU as well as other educators.

Last week BreakoutEDU activities debuted in several upper school classrooms. BreakoutEDU brought students out from behind their desks to participate in engaging academic experiences that equipped them with content knowledge while reinforcing the “Four C’s” of learning: Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity. Students had to work together, thinking critically and creatively, to complete each challenge.

Ms. Acevedo’s DP Chemistry class participated in a BreakoutEDU about acids and bases. Ms. Acevedo’s students showed excellent inquiry, collaboration, and collaboration skills as both groups were able to successfully “break out” and get into the box.

Students and Mrs. Alpert’s and Mr. Marcus’ 9th Grade Language and Lit classes participated in a BreakoutEDU about the Hero’s Journey. This Breakout was created by Mrs. Alpert and Mr. Marcus and required students to work together to help find their lost dog (and some candy).

Here’s a peek at these academic sleuths enjoying their learning adventures.


Elementary teachers were introduced to BreakoutEDU on Tuesday morning, September 18. How do you think they did? Watch here! 

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