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Bowling With Ozobots
Posted 05/18/2017 11:16PM

The Robots Strike Back!

Prekindergarten students accepted a new mission possible this week:  teaching their Ozobots to bowl!

Using specifically-colored markers and a printout of ozocodes (see picture below), students created a grid for their Ozobots to follow, with the intent of knocking down a set of miniature bowling pins.  This activity required them to utilize multiple skills they have been working on all year - basic programming; strategic and logical thinking; and an awareness of geometrical shapes - as they plotted the most efficient path for their Ozobots to follow. 

Each student followed this set of instructions as they attempted to go bowling with Ozobots: 

  1. Place one or more bowling pins on corners or intersections of the grid. Ozobot has to travel to those locations to knock down the pins.
  2. Figure out which way Ozobot has to go and use directional codes to program Ozobot’s path. Black out any of the code slots that are not needed. The code on the bottom can be used to set Ozobot’s speed. A higher speed may work better to knock down the pins.
  3. Don’t forget to calibrate Ozobot before starting to play! This prepares Ozobot for play on paper.
  4. Place Ozobot onto the starting point and try out if it knocks down all pins!

Happily, all students successfully completed their missions, the pins were safely and securely knocked down, and the Ozobots were returned to their homes, where they await their next assignment.

Here's a peek at the Ozobots in action:

Click here to watch an video of the Ozobots in action.

For information on how Ozobots have been introduced into the prekindergarten classrooms, please see this story published in an earlier edition of the Thursday folder.

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