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Roos, Skinks, and Armadillos – oh, my!
Posted 02/16/2017 05:16PM

Wild animals take over the ECC and Elementary School

Carrollwood Day School was a zoo this week, as the ECC and elementary school welcomed some special visitors from Barn Hill Preserve.  Based out of Louisiana, Barn Hill Preserve is home to exotic animals from across the globe.  In addition to offering on-site field trips, guided tours and birthday parties, Barn Hill also sponsors a mobile zoo that travels from school to school, giving children the chance to not only learn about, but hold the exotic animals the handlers bring with them.

On Monday, February 13, the animals visited the elementary school immediately following morning opening, then repeated their visit the next day – Valentines Day – at the ECC.  The children learned all about their scaled and furry friends:  the bearded dragon, Savannah monitor, ball python, red kangaroo joey, Brazilian three-banded armadillo, and black-and-white tegu.  Some fun facts?  The tegu lizard, native to the rain forests of South America, has recently invaded Florida, as families may buy the small baby lizard at a pet store, but, once they grow to their full size of three to four-and-a-half feet, release them into the wild.  The three-banded armadillo is one of the only species of armadillo that can roll itself into a ball.  And the red kangaroo joey, while today only a couple of feet tall at six months, may eventually grow to be relative to the size of a six-foot tall man, making it the largest marsupial in the world.  

The Barn Hill Preserve visit was perfectly timed for the Kindergarten students, who have started the “Animal Planet” IB unit of inquiry, with the central idea being, “Animal survival is dependent on their habitat.”  Through the nine-week unit, the students will inquire about habitat, human responsibility and endangered animals.

We hope you enjoy this gallery of our cute students and their almost-as-cute new animal friends!


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