Transportation Services

Carrollwood Day School offers transportation to and from the Bearss Avenue Campus on a fleet of school owned buses. This service is maintained for the convenience of CDS families. CDS has established bus stops at various locations on each of our bus routes. Compliant with State guidelines, CDS may not pick up students at their residence.  In addition to the route bus stops, there is a shuttle between the ECC and Bearss Avenue Campus to assist families with children enrolled at both campuses.

For families that do not use the CDS bus service, Carrollwood Day School encourages all parents to carpool whenever possible. In an effort to "go green," CDS will make available resources for parents to help find carpool partners effective and easy. Please contact the Admissions Office if you would like to be added to the carpool list. 

Why Take the Bus?

It’s Safe — According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, students are about 20 times more likely to arrive safely at school taking the bus compared to being driven by a parent.  Additionally, all drivers undergo comprehensive safety certification training/testing.

Go Green — Riding a bus is a simple but effective method to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve traffic congestion. According to the American School Bus Council, one school bus will typically take 36 cars off the road.

Save Time & Money — Having your student take the bus may actually save you money. The “What is the Real Cost” section is an estimate of the costs associated with driving your student to and from school each day using two common mileage cost measures.  Even before considering your personal time savings, it is less expensive to pay for CDS bus service on a total cost basis if you live in Zone 1, 2 or Zone 3. 

  • Zone 1 currently includes several pick-up/drop-off locations close to the Eagles and or in the West Chase area.  Other pick-up/drop-off areas will be added based on demand.
  • Zone 2 currently includes pick-up/drop-off locations in the Cheval & Lutz area.  Other pick-up/drop-off areas will be added based on demand.
  • Zone 3 currently includes pick-up/drop-off locations serving the New Tampa area at Arbor Green, Hunters Green and Tampa Palms.  Other pick-up/drop-off areas will be added based on demand.
  • ECC Shuttle transports preschool and kindergarten students between the Bearss Avenue campus and the ECC before and after school. Safety approved bus car seats are provided.



  Carrollwood Day School



Pick-up and drop-off times may vary during the school year to accommodate any route changes. It is imperative that your child is ready and waiting at the appointed departure time to maintain the driver’s schedule. Please plan on arriving five (5) minutes before the published departure time. By law, the bus must stop only at the published stop points and may not stop along the route to pick up students who have missed the bus or for unscheduled stops.

In the afternoon, please arrive five (5) minutes early at your designated stop-point. Remember, we will not dismiss K – 5th grade students without an adult present to meet the bus; your child will be returned to the school.  If you wish your child to be released to an older sibling or adult friend/relative, prior written permission must be on file in our office.   (Middle school and high school students are dismissed without an adult present.)

Please call the transportation office at (813) 920-2288, ext. 119, email the Transportation Department or inform the school office in advance if your child is not following his/her normal daily afternoon schedule. We will accommodate requests for students to bring a friend on the bus as space permits. The request must be made in advance and by the responsible parent or guardian, not the child. There is a $25 charge per ride for any student not contracted for bus service.

All buses return to the Bearss Avenue campus after completing the morning run. Elementary school children are directed, upon arrival, to the proper classroom by a supervising adult.  Buses depart at 3:30 pm from the Bearss Avenue campus.

If your child has special medical needs, please inform the Manager of Transportation immediately with the appropriate information so that it can be made available to the driver.

Thank you for your confidence and support in making this a safe and happy year.



Dennis McGlinsey

Manager of Transportation

Bus Stop Information

Carrollwood Day School establishes the bus routes each year based on the needs of our families. This year bus service is provided to the Westchase, North Tampa/Odessa, and New Tampa areas.

Please contact the Transportation Office for more information.


ECC Shuttle Bus Service

We are pleased to be able to offer shuttle bus service between the Bearss Avenue campus and the Early Childhood Campus again this year. We do have some new procedures for families with ECC students who will be riding this bus in the mornings and/or the return bus in the afternoon.

  • IMPORTANT  -  If you have an ECC bus rider, the drop off/pick up side for your family, including students in grades 1 - 4, will be on the East side in the Elementary Multi-purpose room.
  • CDS is providing car seats on the ECC shuttle bus. These seats accommodate children between the range of 25 - 90 lbs and up to 57 inches tall.
  • Please remember that we are not able to serve ECC age children in aftercare on the Bearss Avenue campus.  All ECC students must be picked up promptly at 3:00 p.m.

For morning riders:

ECC children who will be riding the bus from the Bearss Avenue campus to the ECC must be accompanied by an adult to the aftercare room in the Elementary multi-purpose room no earlier than 7:30 a.m.  (After the first few weeks of school, older siblings may escort the ECC students to the aftercare room.) The bus will depart at 8:00 a.m.  

For afternoon riders:

The return bus will arrive back at the bus loop on the East Side at the Bearss Avenue campus by 3:00 p.m. The ECC bus riders will be escorted off the bus to the Elementary multi-purpose room.  

If you plan on utilizing this service please download and fill out the transportation form.  

Requesting Transportation

Depending on your school bus needs, you may seek student transportation for a year or simply a morning or afternoon.



For students who need transportation more than two (2) days a week, print and submit our 2019-2020 Agreement For Transportation form to sign up for regular school bus transportation services. Please submit this form to Dennis McGlinsey either by fax to (813) 269-9207 or by email.

Current prices are also listed on the form.



Students using the bus less than  three (3) times a week qualify for our Occasional-Use Ridership.  Each ride is $20, with the cost being billed to the student’s account.

An occasional rider might be: a student attending a party, play date or group project, needing a one-way ride to visit Grandma after school, studying with a tutor twice a week, using an afternoon ride when only contracted for morning rides.

In the event of a one-time emergency, a $20* charge for this will be charged to the student’s account and will appear on the School’s next billing cycle.

* $25 for non-subscribers.


Transportation Costs

2018 - 2019 Transportation Costs Annually

 AreaRound TripOne-Way Per Trip*
 Zone 1 $2,500 $1,500 $20
 Zone 2  $2,500 $1,500$20
 Zone 3  $2,500 $1,500 $20
 *Non-Subscribers will be charged $25/trip.


Zone 1 – currently includes several pick-up/drop-off locations close to the Eagles and or in the West Chase area.


Zone 2 – currently includes pick-up/drop-off locations in Cheval & Lutz area.


Zone 3 – currently includes pick-up/drop-off locations serving the New Tampa area at Arbor Green, Hunters Green and Tampa Palms.


What is the Real Cost?

Below are two separate charts based on the three zones that receive transportation.  CDS’s bus service may save you time and money.

Description Formula Zone 1 or 2 
 Daily Round-Trip Mileage28.5 
 Number of School DaysB 172 
 Direct Cost per Mile (1)C$0.240 
 Total Cost per Mile (2) D$0.575 
 Direct Cost per Year (3) E=AxBxC $1,176 
 Total Cost per Year (3) F=AxBxD$2,818 
 Round Trip FeeG$2,500 
 Estimated Costs (Savings) H=G-F($318) 
Description  Formula Zone 3
 Daily Round-Trip MileageA 30 
 Number of School DaysB172 
 Direct Cost per Mile (1) C$0.240 
 Direct Cost per Mile (2) D$0.575 
 Direct Cost per Year (3) E=AxBxC  $1,238 
 Total Cost per Year (3) F=AxBxD$2,967 
 Round Trip Fee G$2,500 
 Estimated Cost (Savings)H=G-F($467) 


1)     Based on the 2015 rate established by the U.S. GSA, a proxy for the actual cost of operating a vehicle, exclusive of depreciation.

2)     Based on the 2015 rate established by the U.S. GSA, a proxy for the actual cost of operating a vehicle, inclusive of depreciation.

3)     Rounded to the nearest tenth.

Bus Rider Safety Regulations

Information to Parents and Students (FL Code) 

  1. The school bus is considered an extension of the classroom and student behavior as outlined in the Student Handbook is expected. The driver has complete authority in the bus from the moment it leaves the school until it returns. This applies to all bus transportation, including but not limited to routes, athletics, field trips, etc. Respect for the driver is expected.
  2. No eating or drinking (other than water) is allowed on the bus.
  3. The driver may, at any time, arrange the seating of students and assign seats.
  4. No student is permitted on board any CDS vehicle unless the driver is present.
  5. Students will be expected to follow CDS 4 Basic Bus Safety Rules:
    • Sit properly and face forward – Students are required to remain seated while the bus is in motion and refrain from obstructing aisles with their legs or feet, with books or backpacks, etc.
    • Wear the seat belt in the approved manner whenever the bus is in motion.
    • Keep hands, feet & personal items confined to oneself – Respect for the rights and property of other students, as well as for school property, is expected.  Students may not put any part of their body out of the window at any time.  Windows may be opened only to the 2nd opening notch.
    • Talk quietly – Shouting out the window and excessive noise within the bus are not permitted.
  6. Profanity is prohibited at all times, in all forms.
  7. Students must refrain from sitting in the driver's seat, tampering with bus controls and equipment (including unauthorized opening or closing of bus doors), tampering with emergency exits, and committing any act that might endanger other people.
  8. The bus will not stop at any point other than scheduled stops to load or discharge students. If a student misses the bus at their assigned stop, they may meet it at the next scheduled stop.
  9. Students will be discharged from the bus only at their designated stop unless prior permission and arrangements have been made through the Manager of Transportation. This includes friends occasionally riding home with daily bus riders. (There is a fee.)
  10. When a student is required to board from the left hand side of the street,  they may do so only when the roadway is clear and only after the driver has activated the red crossing flashers and signaled to the student(s) to cross.
  11. Students are required to be on site 5 minutes prior to their published pick up time and at the proper place for boarding the bus. The responsible driver retrieving a Lower School student (grades K thru 5th) in the afternoon shall be at the drop-off point 5 minutes before the published stop time.
  12. The bus is to be kept clean—a trash receptacle is provided. Throwing objects in or out of a bus window is forbidden.
  13. No animals (fish, snails, birds, etc.) caged or otherwise, may be transported on the bus.
  14. The seating capacity of the bus is regulated by Florida law. At no time will the driver permit more than the lawful passenger capacity.
  15. In the event of an accident, all passengers must remain on site until responding authorities approve dismissal.

Click here to download Bus Safety Regulations

Meet Our Manager of Transportation

Dennis McGlinsey 

Dennis McGlinsey

Dennis McGlinsey has been an integral part of the Transportation Department since 2013.  He handles multiple aspects of CDS transportation needs, including day-to-day bus routes and specialized trip planning.

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