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Soak up the Sun!
Soak up the Sun!

Elementary students enjoy expanded recess time

We all know the adage, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Fortunately, at Carrrollwood Day School, our children are anything but dull!

Recess has always been an integral part of the school day for all CDS students, from preschool through high school. At the Early Childhood Campus, our full-day students enjoy two recess breaks a day, while elementary students have traditionally spent their recess time at the tail end of their lunch hour. This year, elementary students and teachers are embracing a new schedule that allows for two fifteen-minute recess breaks a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Students are free to play on the Challenge Course and in the Gaga pit; start up a soccer, basketball, or volleyball game; or just sit in the shade and catch up with friends in other classes. This new schedule not only affords additional playtime, but, because recess is no longer held in conjunction with lunch, the children are able to slow down and enjoy their well-made meals.

In addition to the physical benefits, recess allows the children time to rest, play, think, imagine, and socialize as they develop physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally. Children also are able to navigate relationships outside of the classroom and independently of prescribed rules, which helps to develop their problem-solving and negotiating skills. Finally, studies show that, when given time to play outside, expend energy, and soak up the sunshine, students then are more focused in the classroom.

First grade teacher, Rachel Paggio, already sees the benefits of the new recess schedule. “We believe that this time allows children to reset their physical bodies, connect socially, and best prepare themselves for the academic requirements. As we teach young children, we directly see the benefits of granting these learners the time to meet their physical needs later within the classroom, as these ‘brain breaks’ lead to more attentive and prepared learners.”

Here are some of our scholars at play! 



Thank you to Michelle Cáceres, Assistant Director of Admissions, for regularly providing articles showcasing the learning and fun that happens every day in CDS Lower School.