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Reading is FUNdamental!
Reading is FUNdamental!

Middle schoolers celebrate the Summer Reading Challenge

At Carrollwood Day School, we know that our students really love to read!  From “CDS Reads” in the Lower School, to the Shakespeare Festival in Middle School, to summer book clubs in the Upper School, it is not uncommon to find our children with their noses firmly planted in books!

This past summer, a group of approximately 40 middle school students took on the Summer Reading Challenge issued by the Middle School Language and Literature teachers (Mrs. Frankel, Mrs. Gilbert and Mrs. Kiner).  To participate, students were required to read a minimum of three novels over the summer; these novels were in addition to the required summer reading. 

As usual, our students went above and beyond expectations.  At a special luncheon organized by the teachers, students shared their reading experiences, with many of them having read at least six novels.  A handful read between 17 and 30! 

Many of the students shared their motivation for taking on the challenge (besides the yummy pizza lunch offered as a reward!) and their love of reading.  “I like experiencing things and learning new words,” said Bodi, a sixth grader who has been at CDS since pre-kindergarten.  “I also like learning about the emotions of the characters and their motivation.”  Bodi read more than six books this summer, with his favorite being the Malala Yousafzai biography, I Am Malala

“Every book has a purpose,” explained sixth-grader Simmon, who is starting his first year at CDS.   “I like figuring out why the author wanted to tell the story.”  Simmon read 17 books in all, and covered a wide array of genres:  action, science, and two series: the Pandava series by Roshani Chokshi and two books by Dave Barry, including his favorite, The Worst Class Trip Ever.

Finally, there is Sam, also a sixth grader who has been attending CDS since first grade.  He estimated that he read “20 books, 30 if you count the ones my mom made me read to my little sister!”  He loves to read about different characters and different adventures.  He also has an interest in time travel, and cites The First Last Day by Dorian Cirrone as his favorite read from this summer.

Here are our readers celebrating their end of summer success.


Thank you to Michelle Cáceres for contributing this article.