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Beyond the Classroom

Middle School Class Trips

Eagerly anticipated, the Middle School class trips are a highlight of the school year. Each grade level trip is carefully and purposely designed to provide our students with a safe, rewarding, and positive experience that builds on the curriculum and expands students’ horizons. In addition to making connections between their classroom learning and the world around them, these trips also allow students the opportunity to bond as a class, gain independence, and create lifelong memories. All of the overnight grade level trips include a service as action component.

6th Grade - Florida Space Coast
6th Grade - Florida Space Coast

All systems are go as the 6th grade students head for a 2-day overnight trip to the east coast of Florida. Their mission? Witness America’s space exploration first hand, volunteer in the community, and have some fun along the way!

6th Grade - Nature's Classroom
6th Grade - Nature's Classroom

In grade 6, students also spend three-days at Nature’s Classroom, a 365-acre environmental studies program and learning laboratory set in the real Florida environment. Through this 3-day immersion into the habitats, flora, fauna, human use and impact field study of the Hillsborough River Watershed, students will gain a life-long appreciation of their responsibilities in regards to the wellbeing of the ecosystem. (This is not an overnight trip.)

7th Grade - Crystal River
7th Grade - Crystal River

As part of their science unit on Marine Biology, 7th grade ventures north to Crystal River for three days and two nights. The students study various organisms while participating in a night hike, spelunking in caves, learning how to seine a beach, and kayaking and snorkeling in Crystal River.

8th Grade - Washington, D.C.
8th Grade - Washington, D.C.

The 8th grade year culminates in an exciting 4-day, 3-night trip to Washington DC where the students get to experience our country's history, foundations and principles, and freedoms first hand. 

8th Grade Quebec City and Montreal
8th Grade - Québec City and Montréal

The French department offers a biennial trip to Quebec City and Montreal in January. While this is a French enrichment opportunity, this trip is not limited to students studying French; all students in Grades 8, 9 or 10 are invited to join the trip if they would like to experience French Canadian culture and snow!  

Middle School FLEX Program

Middle school is a wonderful time for exploration and discovery, and students are encouraged to try something new.  From Model UN, Math Counts, and Yearbook to Future Business Leaders of America, Open Gym, and Study Skills, the Middle School FLEX (Flexible Learning EXperiences) Program offers something for everyone.  FLEX activities meet before school, during lunch, and after school. Below you will find a chart of morning and afternoon academic help and enrichment sessions, along with a host of clubs and organizations to pique your child's interest. Participation in clubs and activities can enhance the students’ quality of life. Being active in a club is an excellent way for students to become more involved in their CDS community, develop leadership skills, enrich their academic experience, and participate in service opportunities. These opportunities are all free of charge unless they win a competition that requires further registration fees and travel.

Unless noted otherwise, all before school programs meet from 7:30 am - 8:00 am. All after school sessions are from 3:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Children who are not picked up promptly by 3:30 after an activity, will be directed to the middle school study hall located in the lounge until their ride home arrives. 

Each quarter options may change slightly due to various schedule and duty changes, along with interest levels.  Any changes will be announced on Schoology and in Thursday Folder.

In addition to the programs listed on the FLEX Menu, students will be able to sign up to be involved in Student Council committees. Qualified 8th graders can apply for membership in the Patriot Society and a number of honor societies.



FLEX Programs

Academic Support
Sponsor: Mr. Espinosa/ Ms. Ferdinand

Sponsor: Mrs. Broyles

Art Club
Sponsor: Mrs. Szponar
Art Club will meet on two days. One day is for 8th grade only. Students will use this extra time to work on projects assigned in class along with some special projects. The second day is open to 6th, 7th and 8th grade students and will focus on cartooning.

Bucket Drumming
Sponsor: Mrs. Callahan

Ecology Club
Sponsor: Mrs. Frey

Film Club
Sponsor: Mr. Espinosa
If you stay for the closing credits in a darkened movie theatre.... then this is the club for you! Film Club will explore the medium of communication and entertainment that we call, The Cinema! From concept to final product we will examine how films are produced, directorial techniques that are employed in film making, screen writing techniques including arc of characters as well as elements of visual story telling, use of photography ( Black and White vs Technicolor), musical composition and mood setting, and the art of deception ( how actors attempt to convey emotion to their audience.).

We will critique elements of film, watch behind the scenes with directors, screen writers, producers, actors, etc., and think critically about how film (art) can imitate and even, influence life.

Forensics Team
Sponsor: Ms. Killion
Forensics is a team competition of reading and public speaking. Forensics is an excellent way to improve a child’s public speaking ability and boost his or her self-confidence. The following is a brief description of the seven areas of competition:

  1. Oral Interpretation of Literature: The student will read a prose selection (fiction or nonfiction).
  2. Oral Interpretation of Poetry: The student will read a selection of poetry.
  3. Dramatic Interpretation: The student will read a dramatic piece and create the distinct voices of at least two characters.
  4. Dramatic Duo: The students will read a dramatic piece together.
  5. Declamation: The student will read a speech by another person.
  6. Original Oration: The student will write a speech and perform it; the speech should be either persuasive or expository in nature.
  7. Impromptu: The student will speak for one to three minutes on a topic that he/she just received.

French Club
Sponsor: Mrs. Olson

French Support/Enrichment
Sponsor: Mrs. Olson

Future Business Leaders of America
Sponsor: Mrs. Montague

Sponsor: Mr. Baumgartner

Humanities Support - 8th Grade
Sponsor: Mrs. Ruth

Japanese Club
Sponsor: Ms. Kiner

Japanese Club is for any student interested in Japanese:  Religion (Shinto), Traditional clothes, Anime and manga, Japan history, Japanese food, Japanese traditional food, Japanese manners, Japan sports, etc. There are guest speakers, FaceTime conversations with people in Japan, and much more.

Jr. Thespian Troupe
Sponsor: Ms. McCarty
Jr. Thespian troupe is a club for any student who enjoys both performing arts and competition.  Students can come to the club meetings to prepare monologues, scenes, musical numbers, and even technical theatre events. Other rehearsal times will be scheduled with individuals on an as needed basis.  Rehearsals may be during lunch, study hall, or after school, depending on the availability of student and teacher.

*Students will be required to pay their own registration fees for District and State Competitions

Language Arts Support
Sponsors: Mrs. Frankel/Mrs. Kiner/Mrs. Gilbert

Math Counts
Sponsor: Ms. Haggard
The Math Club/Competitive Math Team is an opportunity for all students who are both competitive and fascinated by mathematics. It provides the opportunity for students to increase their speed in mathematics, but will also allow students to strengthen their higher-level thinking skills. Since competitive math requires both speed and higher-level thinking, the Math Scholars will be encouraged to be a part of the competitive math team, but not required to do so.

Math Help
Sponsors: Mrs. Patel/Mrs. Jenkins/Ms. Haggard

Math Skills for Science
Sponsor: Mrs. Richards

Mindfulness Group
Sponsor: Mrs. Johnson

Model UN
Sponsor: Mrs. Ruth

MS Campaigners
Sponsor: Mrs. Broyles

NonFiction Text
Sponsor: Mrs. Richards

Open Gym
Sponsors: Mrs. Gomez/Mrs. Nohra

Organizational Skills Support
Sponsor: Ms. Killion

Patriot Society
Sponsor: Mrs. Szponar
8th grade - by invitation only
The Patriot Society is an organization dedicated to representing and promoting Carrollwood Day School. In order to be eligible for the Patriot Society, a student must be in good standing with the faculty and administration. Patriot Society assists at middle school orientation, open house, school performances, and other events that take place on weekends and evenings as well as during the school day.

Sponsor: Mr. Lang

Science Help
Sponsors: Mrs. Prieto/Mrs. Richards

Science Support - 7th Grade
Sponsor: Mrs. Frey

Spanish Support
Sponsors: Mrs. Milian/Mrs. Docobo/Mrs. Byers

STEM Society
Sponsor: Mrs. Prieto
Students who are interested in pursuing science, technology, engineering and/or math outside of the classroom will have the opportunity to join the STEM Society. STEM will meet once a week. The main purpose of STEM is to support and sponsor any individual student that wishes to complete an independent investigation for entry to the Hillsborough Regional STEM fair. Experimentation will need to take place off campus and be completed by the end of November.

Study and ATL Skills
Sponsor: Ms. Killion

Student Council
Sponsor: Mr. Holtsclaw
Members are elected by peers
The primary focus of middle school student council is to provide leadership training for its members and public speaking opportunities as officers lead the weekly assemblies. Student Council is comprised of officers, senators, and committee chairs.  There are several committees planned for student council, which any middle school student may join.

  • Activities - The focus of this committee is to plan events for the middle school students from spirit week to dances.
  • School Culture - This committee works to make the culture of CDS middle school a positive, caring environment. An example of what this committee does is leaving Valentine's messages in each student's locker.
  • Communications - This committee works on flyers to promote activities for student council and will maintain the student council bulletin boards.
  • Character - This committee plans activities to promote our character education initiative and will focus on recognizing students who exhibit positive character traits.
  • Service - This committee's focus is to plan for non-fundraising service learning opportunities for our students.
  • Tech - This committee produces videos for assemblies
  • Historian - This committee takes photos and videos to document the year.
  • Special Projects - This committee takes care of everything else from monthly shaved ice sales to our March Madness Fun Day.

Sudoku Club
Sponsor: Mrs. Prieto
Sudoku is a logic-based, number-placement puzzle game. The objective is to fill a 9×9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 subgrids that compose the grid contain all of the digits from 1 to 9. The CDS MS Sudoku Club will meet on Wednesdays during lunch/recess. Students will learn how to complete Sudoku puzzles, strategies to conquer various levels and compete for small prizes. 

Tech Tips
Sponsor: Mr. Lang

Ted Ed
Sponsor: Mr. Poulin

TedEd club allows students to identity and research ideas that matter to them most. Through bi-weekly meetings we will be investigating issues, creating talks, and developing presentation skills. As the culmination of all their hard work, students will give a recorded talk that will be uploaded to the Ted Ed Student Talk YouTube page, where the rest of the world can hear their ideas.

Yearbook Club
Sponsor: Ms. McCarty
Students who wish to learn how to take pictures and put them together on to pages of the yearbook can join this club and learn many valuable skills while creating a beautiful yearbook.  

Honor Societies

Middle School Honor Societies provide students an opportunity to engage in activities beyond the classroom. Students in the 8th grade that have met the academic and service requirements are invited to apply. All of these honor societies meet during the school day – during students’ study hall, lunch, and recess. Being active in an honor society is an excellent way for students to become more involved in their CDS community, enrich their academic experience, and participate in service opportunities.

National Junior Beta Club
Sponsor: Ms. Ferdinand
The National Junior Beta Club is an honor organization that recognizes outstanding academic achievement, promotes strong moral character and social responsibility, encourages service to others, fosters leadership skills, and provides settings for you to develop strong interpersonal skills. Qualifying 8th grade students have 3.8 GPA minimum in core academic courses, a record of behavioral excellence, and have completed 10 service hours minimum prior to applying. Students that have met the requirements are invited to apply for membership.

Middle School Spanish Honor Society
Sponsor: Profesora Milián
The Middle School Spanish Honor Society, Sociedad Hispánica de Amistad is the National Hispanic Society of Friendship. The Carrollwood Day School Chapter, Los Patriotas, is a society that recognizes scholarship, fellowship and service by middle school students. At the heart of the Sociedad Hispánica de Amistad are activities in three areas: ambassadorship, service to community and service to school. 
Qualifying 8th grade students earned a 93% or above final course average in Spanish at the end of 7th grade. Students that have met the requirements are invited to apply for membership.

Middle School French Honor Society
Sponsor: Mme. Olson
Carrollwood Day Middle School French Honor Society is Les Jeunes Amis du Français. The aim of this organization is to stimulate interest in the study of French, to promote high standards of scholarship, to create enthusiasm for and an understanding of Francophone cultures, to encourage service to school and community, and to promote international friendship. Qualifying 8th grade students earned a 93% or above final course average in French at the end of 7th grade. Students that have met the requirements are invited to apply for membership.