Smashing pumpkins!

Life is “gourd” for our littlest Patriots.

Carrollwood Day School’s Toddler class carved out a little fun this week as they explored one of autumn’s most famous fruits – the pumpkin!

At the beginning of the week, the students amassed an impressive variety of pumpkins. They discussed the different shapes and sizes, and then worked on counting and sorting their collection. Thanks to a generous donation by a parent, each student was provided with their own personal pumpkin to paint. Later, as a class, they explored the big pumpkin. They discussed the shape, color, and texture of the outside of the pumpkin. Miss Stephanie cut the top off so they could peek in and compare the color, texture - and smell! - of the inside to the outside. They talked about how they could be brave by putting their hands in and grabbing some of the pulp and seeds. All of the students were risk takers and enjoyed the ooey-gooey mess they found inside. Finally, they carved a face on the pumpkin so then he became a jack-o-lantern.

Pumpkins made their way into many of the ECC classrooms this week. Miss Kati’s and Miss Jean’s PreK-4 class spent the best day ever doing everything pumpkin! They painted and decorated a gallery of glittery pumpkins. Then they prepared for a pumpkin science experiment. First they put on their math and science thinking caps and made a chart to show each of their predictions of whether a pumpkin would float or sink in water. Of course, the next step was to go outside and check out what those heavy pumpkins would do in a big tub of water. What do you think happened – did those pumpkins float or sink? You’ll have to watch their video to find out! But that was not all they used math again – this time geometry - and collaboration skills to plan how to turn the biggest pumpkin in their patch into a jack-o-lantern! After all that work with pumpkins, it was time for a break and the class enjoyed some delicious fall themed donuts. The best day ever ended with sweet treats from friends to take home and enjoy.

Have a safe and fun Halloween!

Thank you to our amazing ECC teachers, Miss Katie and Miss Stephanie (Toddlers) and Miss Kati and Miss Jean (PreK-4) for facilitating these fun lessons and to Assistant Director of Admissions, Michelle Cáceres, for this article.

*Please note that CDS students under the age of 3 are not required to wear masks.