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Quarantine breeds creativity for one CDS Patriot!

Rising 10th grade musician, TC, expands his repertoire to include digital music videos.

Spirit Band

Rising CDS 10th grader, TC, began studying, playing, and composing music at a young age. First with the piano at the age of six, then moving on to the trumpet at the beginning of middle school, and picking up the drums, specifically the snare, in 8th grade, and joining the inaugural CDS Spirit Band at the beginning of upper school. In 2019, TC was invited to play at Carnegie Hall, which was one of his most memorable musical moments.

With the pandemic forcing more time at home, TC saw the extra time as an opportunity to take his music to the next level. Using editing, video, and music software, TC has stepped into the world of digital audio. Using the moniker Tsoysauce, you can find his latest musical creations on Spotify and well as on his YouTube channel.

From mesmerizing videos utilizing his music and editing skills to recreate some of his favorite video game theme songs to parody videos featuring his friends, TC is quickly carving out his place in the digital music arena. 

Check out his latest recreation of the Super Mario Bros theme. Recreating the sound and percussions using music software, TC then played the song on his keyboard and used editing software to edit different videos of himself making the sounds. Finally he timed it with the song to create the music video below. 

We are truly inspired by the artistry of TC's talent and can't wait to see what he comes up with next!

Thank you TC L. for sharing your amazing talent. Patriots, do you have something you'd like to share with the #PatriotNation? Email to be featured.