Personal expression at its finest

 8th grade Language and Literature students present their interpretation of the dystopian genre.

This fall 8th-grade Language and Literature teacher, Mr. Scott Sandoval, assigned his students a novel of their choice within the dystopian genre. Upon completion of their novel, he decided to let students show their knowledge of the book and the genre any way they wanted. The result were projects ranging from 3D models, students playing instruments, short stories, the creation of Minecraft worlds, and even painting. 

This "out of the box" way of thinking falls right in line with the IB Middle Years Programme and the approach to teaching and learning. With the goal to help students develop their personal understanding, their emerging sense of self, and responsibility in their community, the creativity that emerged was truly inspiring. Mr. Sandoval found that when the options were unlimited on how to express their understanding of the book and its characters, his students were more inclined to put a little bit of their personality in their submissions. 

Check out a sample of these student submissions below.


Thank you to Mr. Sandoval, 8th grade Language and Literature teacher, for facilitating this creative lesson and to the 8th-graders who shared their amazing interpretations of the dystopian genre.