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Patriot Podcast October 2020

Examining the representation of individual identities in the media.

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With the positive response from the first Patriot Podcast in August, our CDS Upper Classmen have added another topic to their podcast repertoire. This month's Patriot Podcast topic is "Representation in the Media." 

This month, podcasters Inshara A., '21 and Ellie C., '22 examined the representations of individual identities in the media such as tv, movies, and the news. The importance being that representation affects everyone differently. Both students contend that it is important to have representation because it gives viewers the ability to feel inspired by someone that looks like them. 

With the goal of diversity, education, and open communication, our CDS podcasters urge everyone who listens to explore the topics presented further and look for ways to help uplift diversity in the media.

Click below to listen to the October Patriot Podcast!

Thank you to CDS senior, Inshara A. and CDS junior, Ellie C. for researching and recording this podcast and thank you to CDS junior James C. and senior Sonya T. for being interviewed and sharing their thoughts. To read portions of the podcast, click here