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Patriot Buddy Match Day

Congratulations to the Classes of 2021 and 2032 for continuing this cherished CDS tradition with a virtual kick-off this year.

We are so excited to be able to continue Carrollwood Day School's cherished tradition of Patriot Buddies. Since 2008-2009 with our first graduating class, every 1st grade student has been paired with a 12th grade Patriot Buddy. Throughout the school year these two classes create a close bond meeting monthly for special activities. While this year might look a little different, connecting our Patriots is still a top priority at CDS.

In preparation for today's Patriot Buddy Match Day, each 1st grader and 12th grader completed an "All About Me" sheet to share with their buddy. Seniors received their Patriot Buddy shirts on Wednesday along with their 1st grade buddy's "All About Me" sheet. 

A private online message board has been created for the Patriot Buddies. This afternoon at 2:00 pm the message board opened for the seniors to write personal messages to their first grade buddies. At 2:30 pm the big reveal was held in the first grade classrooms as the first graders logged into the Patriot Buddies Message Board to see pictures and notes from their senior buddies. First graders also received their Patriot Buddy t-shirts and their senior buddy's "All About Me" sheet. Simultaneous with the big reveal in the classrooms, 1st and 12th grade parents received an email with a link to the Patriot Buddies Message Board so they could meet their student's Patriot Buddy, as well. With 98 seniors (the largest graduating class in the history of our school) and 59 first graders this year, some of the first graders are lucky enough to have two Patriot Buddies!

The Patriot Buddies are being encouraged to send photos, videos, and messages through the message board often. We look forward to the day when they can meet in-person for some hands-on fun together. 

Until then...happy PATRIOT BUDDY MATCH DAY!

4 senior Patriot Buddies standing in front of lockers
3 senior Patriot Buddies showing back of t-shirt
Group of 10 senior Patriot Buddies
Patriot Buddies - 1st Grade Girl showing back of shirt
Patriot Buddies - 1st Grade Class
Patriot Buddies - 1st Grade Boy