Learning to be Young Environmental Advocates

Mrs. Monty's Class Spends Earth Day with the World Wildlife Fund

Mrs. Monty's 5th Grade Class joins WWF

What better way is there to spend Earth Day 2021 than with the incredible wildlife conservation organization the World Wildlife Fund?! Well, Mrs. Monty’s class did just that!  While researching and locating organizations to contact during their Exhibition Unit of Inquiry time, Mrs. Monty’s class discovered the World Wildlife Fund and reached out to learn more. Since then, they have learned a great deal about what their organization does with wildlife conservation through their website and emails they have received since contacting them. The World Wildlife Fund offers incredible presentations throughout the year. Mrs. Monty’s class signed up to check out one. Incredibly, they received a special invitation to join the World Wildlife Fund “on-camera” for their special Livestream Earth Day Conservation in the Classroom event: BEING A YOUNG ENVIRONMENTAL ADVOCATE with their Arctic Youth Ambassador, Eve Downing

Eve Downing always enjoyed the outdoors, spending time exploring her surroundings in her hometown in Alaska. Living in an area so sensitive to changes in climate, it was evident to Eve the impact human activity can have on the environment. This motivated her to get involved and join the Arctic Youth Ambassador program to help raise awareness of the importance of these local ecosystems.

This was certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience Mrs. Monty’s class will always treasure! Thank you so much World Wildlife Fund for granting them this privilege to learn more about wildlife conservation with one of your experts!

Watch the Live Stream 

Student Reflections: Before the Event

The presentation with the World Wildlife Fund is so important to me because we get to learn about wildlife conservation from an expert. I am so excited to learn about wildlife conservation in Alaska. I cannot believe that we are one of the four “on-camera” spots! This is an incredible opportunity, and I am very thankful for it. (Tilly M.)

This presentation is important because it will teach us about what the World Wildlife Fund does and so we can learn more about wildlife conservation. (Levi H.)

This Zoom is important because we are Zooming with the World Wildlife Fund and they know a lot about wildlife conservation - and you can never have enough information. I am also super excited! (Natalia P.)

This event with the World Wildlife Fund is important because it will help us learn more about wildlife conservation. It is exciting because we will be able to ask WWF questions about wildlife. (Fletcher C.)

I think this fun, exciting, and interesting activity will be important because this is teaching us how to talk, learn, and behave on special occasions. Zooming with the World Wildlife Fund will be a great learning opportunity for us. Our class is honored to be doing this! This will definitely be very exciting! (Aydan S.)

I think this will be important because we will learn some important information about wildlife conservation in Alaska and ways we can help wildlife. This Zoom presentation is also important because it will focus on one of our Lines of Inquiry. It is really exciting because we will learn some very important information about wildlife conservation. (Olivia R.)

Our class participating in WWF’s worldwide Zoom is important because we should learn a lot about wildlife conservation. We will be able to ask questions, and we are one of only three schools participating in the Zoom. This is important to me because it is an amazing opportunity to learn more about wildlife conservation for our Exhibition. I am excited because the presentation is worldwide and it is live. (Quincey L.)

I am so excited to listen to the World Wildlife Fund presentation because we are one of three schools to be doing this with WWF. This is going to help us a lot with finding facts about our Exhibition topic. (Adelle B.)

This Zoom with the World Wildlife Fund is important because we will learn new facts about wildlife. Also, this is a reflection of CDS and WWF. I am excited because I will learn a lot of interesting information. (Lilly J.)

This is a very special event and means so much to me that we are even allowed to get in this Zoom with the World Wildlife Fund. (Caitlin W.)

This event is important because we will be able to learn a lot of new information about wildlife conservation. This is also exciting because we are one of three schools allowed to do this with WWF. (Alex L.)

Student Reflections: After the Presentation

The World Wildlife Fund presentation was important because we learned how we can take action to help the environment. I enjoyed it when Eve talked about living in Alaska. I learned that there are a bunch of ecosystems in Alaska. This helps with our Exhibition because now we know of a few different ways we can get involved in helping wildlife. (Lilly J.)

I learned a lot about the effects of climate change, how we can help, and wildlife conservation. One of the most important things that I learned is that community-level actions towards helping wildlife makes a big difference. Another thing that I learned is that we can help wildlife by spreading the word. I enjoyed learning most about how we can help wildlife near us. (Quincey L.)

I enjoyed it when Eve was talking about Alaska. I learned that during the summer in Alaska in some areas they have nineteen hours of sunlight! This Zoom presentation with the World Wildlife Fund was important because Eve shared ways we can save energy. This presentation helps our Exhibition because we can tell the first through fourth graders how they can help save energy and fossil fuels. (Natalia P.)

I think it was important to join the World Wildlife Fund for their presentation today so we could learn so much information on ways that we can help wildlife. (Olivia R.)

What I enjoyed most about our World Wildlife Fund Zoom presentation was learning about Alaska. This presentation helps our Exhibition because we learned more about different wildlife in different places. (Alex L.)

The most important thing I learned from our World Wildlife Fund presentation was that the most important things we can do to help the environment and wildlife are the most basic things. (Matthew N.)

The presentation on Zoom with WWF was a great learning experience because I learned about Eve Downing and the Arctic. This was a great experience. (Aydan S.)

Thank you to the World Wildlife Fund for inviting our students to their Earth Day video chat and to Mrs. Monty who always makes exhibition time amazing.