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Different Just Like Us

Different Just Like Us by rising CDS 7th grader, Lexi L., is a book about kindness and acceptance.

Lexi L.

At nine-years-old, now rising CDS 7th grader Lexi L., decided it was important to share her story. So Lexi, along with author Tammi Croteau Keen and illustrators Eddie Yeung and Joycelyn Guerra, created the book Different Just Like Us. With the goal of tackling the concept of donor children from a child's perspective, Lexi set out to teach her peers how to love each other irrespective of what their families are. 

Different Just Like Us by Lexi L.

Lexi is very proud of her family and how it came to be. She says, "I wanted to write this book because I think that everyone is important, no matter what color they are, or if their parents are two women or two dads. But some people don't always believe that, so I wanted to write this book to show that everyone is special in their own way. Nobody is less than anybody else, because we are all equal." Lexi has also earmarked a portion of the proceeds from sales of Different Just Like Us to be donated to Carrollwood Day School, where education and character go hand-in-hand.

NIEA - National Indie Excellence Awards

With kindness and acceptance being the hallmark theme of the book, Different Just Like Us has been chosen as one of three finalists in the Children's Nonfiction category of the National Indie Excellence Awards

We are so proud of Lexi and her passion for spreading love and kindness. Lexi also has her own dog treat business. An entrepreneur with a passion for animals, she began baking dog treats and selling them, using her profits to help a local charity to provide service dogs for military veterans with PTSD.

Lexi, CDS is very proud to call you a Patriot. Congratulations on being an NIEA finalist.

Thank you to Lexi L. for her contribution to this article and to her mom's Tanya and Becky for supporting her entrepreneurial spirit. To purchase a copy of Lexi's book -->>