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Congratulations Summer Readers!

Middle school recognizes the 50 students who participated in this summer's MS Reading Challenge! 

This summer middle school students were given a challenge of reading, IXL, and Membean. Today we celebrated the students who participated in the challenge and middle school student council drew nine names of students in each grade level to win either a Barnes and Noble or Amazon gift card. 

The Language and Literature teachers are so proud of the CDS middle schoolers who took the challenge and went the extra mile with their academics. Below is the list of students who participated:

Combined read over 100 Books!
David L., Saanvi P., Swara P., Cathy P.

6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade

Sahana A. 
Ella B.
Reid B.
Nicholas F.
Gabriel L. 
Elyse M.
Zayaan M.
Bryce N.
Aryan R.
Colin W.
Jersey Z.

Mikaela A.
Alejandro B. 
Alexander B.
Bodi B.
Caroline C.
Cash C.
Harriet C.
Vincent D.
Alejandra F. 
Charley J.
Cailyn M.
Connor M.
Ella M.
Nicole M.
Saanvi P. (27 books!)
Maddie P.
Caleb R.
Avery E. W.
Brody W.
Wesley W.
Finn S.
Aubrey T.
Olivia T.
Rubani T.
Sam Z.
Leo A.
Armando A.
Markus C.
Jai D.
Brooke H.
Samantha H. 
Kseniya K.
David L. 
Alex L.
Alexis N. 
Cathy P.
Adassa P.
Evan S.
Jago S.
Jack V.

Congratulations to all the middle school summer readers and to the middle school Language & Literature teachers for constantly challenging our students.