CDS Kindergarteners Care About Clean Water

Purchase some fun and funky socks and help them give the gift of clean water!

CDS Kindergarten wants to make a difference in a developing country by helping raise funds to provide a well with clean water at a school. They will also have a chance to give locally as well. Here is how our service project works. Students voted on a project that they would partner with, We Help Too, to help a developing country. We then help sell packs of socks online to raise the money. For each pack of socks we sell, We Help Too, gives us a pair to give locally. When the project is complete, we get a picture of who we helped. This way there is a global, local, and personal connection.

Last year we were able to help 3 children get a club foot repaired. This year students were deeply moved by the little girl who had to walk 4 miles each day to get dirty water to bring back for drinking and washing. (Click here to view her story.) One student said, “If we don’t have water we will die.” They understand a basic human need! 

The socks are fun and funky and very comfortable.

So here is what you can do to help us make a difference:

  1. Buy socks online
  2. Share the link with family and friends
  3. Spread the word
  4. Socks will be delivered to your home