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CDS Adaptable Learning Plan

All families have the option to enroll their child in ALP or to return to on-campus learning at any time, and as often as needed. 

Carrollwood Day School's Adaptable Learning Plan provides the option for families to have their children remain part of the CDS community while choosing to learn from home. Flexibility and academic integrity are hallmarks of the ALP at CDS. These plans are being administered by the innovation specialists at CDS with close oversight by the Division Heads: Tanya Layton is ALP Director for the Lower School and Jim Poulin is ALP Director for the Middle and Upper School program. Each level has been designed to be developmentally appropriate for their respective grade levels.

Carrollwood Day School's Adaptable Learning Plan is designed for students who need to attend remotely in the short or long term. Our goal for our CDS families is to continue to provide an exceptional educational experience to all of our Patriots, while giving our families the flexibility to assess their own needs for remote or on-campus attendance. Middle school and upper school students enrolled in ALP are welcome to participate in athletics or come to school for an in-person extra help session, if that is the calculation you have made as a family. Upper school students are also able to attend individual classes or club meetings on campus.

All families have the option to enroll their child in ALP or to return to on-campus learning at any time, and as often as needed. 

Academic Integrity
The Lower School ALP has a team of dedicated instructors and assistants who will partner with the classroom teachers to provide live instruction and support to children. Children will begin each day Zooming with their on-campus classmates for their morning meeting. Our PreK 4 ALP learners will have two 30-minute live small group instructional sessions with the PreK-4 classroom teachers and a 30-minute visit to "Big Room" daily plus a 20-minute Spanish lesson each week. Students in kindergarten through 5th grade will have an hour of math and an hour of reading instruction each day along with separate sessions for writing instruction (at least four times a week), music, art, PE, Spanish and computer each week. ALP students may also have the opportunity to Zoom back into their class for special activities each week. Classroom teacher will be monitoring the progress of their ALP students to facilitate a smooth transition into the classroom when they are ready for on-campus learning.

The Middle School and Upper School ALP uses a different teaching model designed for students who are able to be more independent and take more responsibility for their own learning. The MS and US ALP students will follow their regular class schedule and attend classes alongside their on-site classmates through Zoom.  Because of the need to social distance in the classroom, teachers will be utilizing digital platforms for small group work for all students, enabling the ALP students to remain fully engaged with their classmates. Each ALP student will be assigned a Learning Coach who they will check in with once or twice a week to help students stay on track. ALP students will attend the same classes and move through the same curriculum with their on-campus peers which will make their transition to on-campus learning seamless.

For more information or to enroll your child in the ALP program, please contact your child's Division Head or the ALP Director for their grade:

Tanya Layton Innovation Specialist

Tanya Layton
Lower School ALP Director

Jim Poulin MS & US Innovation Integrator

Jim Poulin
MS/US ALP Director