CDS 11th Graders Get Collaborative

CDS 11th graders join forces for study of infectious diseases

As a requirement of the IB curriculum, CDS 11th graders have recently completed their Group 4 projects under the theme of infectious diseases. A collaborative, interdisciplinary project, Group 4 models the teamwork students will experience in college and the workplace. Requiring good communication, cooperation, and respect among its members, CDS juniors met in-person and on Zoom to complete their project. 

Students had to find a creative way to introduce their chosen disease, explain the life cycle and method of transmission, offer the best personal protection equipment used specifically for the disease, share what body tissue is affected, symptoms, and long-term effects, and even diagnosis and treatment plans. Some went as far as to identify the global impact of the disease itself. Some well-known diseases like SARS and Mono were chosen by the groups. Others, like Giardiasis and Leishmaniasis, were not as well known. 

The groups had several weeks to work together to create a presentation on their infectious disease. Upon completion not only were they graded on their content and presentation quality but on their ability to contribute ideas and to cooperate with other team members. A peer review was also conducted to shed light on the level of contribution of each member.