Blasting off with middle school

6th grade rocketeers got to put their rockets to the test.

3, 2, 1 Blast Off

The sun was shining bright this week over the CDS football field, which meant perfect conditions for the 6th-grade tradition of rocket launches. After studying earth and space in science, projections in math, and the construction of rockets in design tech, they were excited to put what they had learned to the test. 

6th Grade Rocket Launch

The CDS 6th-grade rocketry project is an interdisciplinary unit between design technology, math, and science. The form of integration for this unit is cross-over tooling, where students learn a skill or concept that can be used in multiple disciplines and apply it to understand a new issue or problem. Students used statistical analysis to research and test the relationship between the fin configuration of rockets and the distance it travels. They followed the design cycle to create a rocket that will launch successfully. They also implemented observational techniques to measure the angular distance and time of rocket flight.

6th Grade Rocket Launch

With students in various locations around the field set up to either measure trajectories or launch their rockets, these budding scientists stepped up to the launch pad. Carefully inspecting their charges they loaded them up and turned the key for launch.

6th Grade Rocket Launch


Thank you to middle school teachers Carrie Prieto (science), Caroline Broyles (design-tech), and Christina Haggard (math) for facilitating this project and to the students for their reflections.