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Announcing the new Patriot Podcast!

Seniors Inshara A. and Karice S. host the first episode of Patriot Podcast, a project of the Student Action Leadership Planning Team [SLAP(T)] to raise awareness and share viewpoints about current events.

Patriot Podcast 2020 Logo

With everyone from Michelle Obama to Macaulay Culkin joining the ever-expanding podcast community, two CDS Patriots decided Carrollwood Day School should create what has become, to some, an essential medium. Rising Seniors, Karice S. and Inshara A. set out to start the Patriot Podcast in order to share current events with their peers without imposing on them to have a particular viewpoint. 

"We feel it is important that as we go out int the world, we understand what is happening out there."

Once they started researching how to start the podcast, they realized it was relatively simple. All that was needed was a computer and a tiny microphone, which was found on Amazon. 

"I wanted to start with Black Lives Matter because it is a relevant topic and needs to be brought up in every environment," said Karice.

The first guests on the podcast...CDS elementary parent, Ms. Angela Smith and CDS Director of Wellness and Upper School Counselor, Krista Diamond.

"As a Black student, everything that Ms. Smith said about the movement resonated with me and I hope it touches other people as well," shared Karice.

Throughout the year S.L.A.P(T)  will have various guests talk about topics and questions, specifically formulated for them. The Student Leader Action Planning Team (S.L.A.P.T.) is made up of upper school students with the mission to bring our community together through specific actions designed to build empathy and deepen trust and understanding of each other.

Karice shared her hopes for the podcast. "I want the questions to reflect the minds of students because that is who the future is focused on. In addition, during the year we will try to have some podcasts where the elementary students can interview older students so that we can show our audience how these children are seeing the world."

CDS is so excited to tune in to this podcast throughout the year is so proud of Karice, Inshara, and the entire S.L.A.P(T) group. Click below to listen to the very first Patriot Podcast!

Thank you to CDS rising seniors, Karice S. and Inshara A. for starting this podcast and to Karice for contributing to this article. We'd also like to thank CDS parent, Angela Smith, and CDS Director of Wellness/Upper School Counselor, Krista Diamond for being the first Patriot Podcast guests.