A virtual visit like no other

CDS 5th graders share some important lessons learned from their virtual visit to Moffitt Cancer Center.

Tuesday, October 27, CDS fifth graders had the incredible opportunity to participate in a virtual field trip with Moffitt Cancer Center. This was a particularly special event since October is the time that is set aside for Breast Cancer Awareness and October 27, 2020, marked Moffitt Cancer's 34th Birthday. What a remarkable milestone!

Previously our fifth graders have been able to visit Moffitt in person for their Healthy KIDZ field trip. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, they were unable to do so this year. Our fifth graders were thrilled to be extended an invitation for a virtual field trip, though. Students had the opportunity to hear from Dr. John Kiluk, a surgical oncologist (and amazing CDS parent), hear Bailey Rhodes share her story, a three-time cancer survivor, and Nikki Inda, Community Relations Coordinator for Moffitt, rounded out this special field trip by leaving students with a powerful take-home message.

What an incredible privilege for our fifth graders to have participated in this powerful learning experience with Moffitt Cancer Center.

Happy Birthday, Moffitt Cancer Center. Thank you for thirty-four incredible years in the Tampa Bay area and for continuing to inspire our students.


Thank you to 5th Grade Teacher, Barbie Monty, and Moffitt Cancer Center for facilitating this virtual visit. The students thoroughly enjoyed it and we are so thankful we got to learn and celebrate Moffitt's amazing accomplishments.