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Education With Character

is indelibly woven throughout everything we do at Carrollwood Day School.

Not just our motto, it is an essential component of the curriculum across all subject areas and all grades and is championed by CDS faculty, staff, students, and families. Character education unites the entire Patriot Nation in a common commitment to understand, care about, and act with core ethical values such as empathy, respect, morality, citizenship, and responsibility for self, others, and the world around them. CDS emphasizes performance and moral character and believes that intelligence must operate within the context of high moral standards. Since our inception in 1982, character education has defined who we are and with every passing year the students, faculty, and families add programs and resources to support this core mission.


CDS knows that some things are hard to talk about, which is why we have compiled resources to help you have those difficult conversations. Click here to find links to those tools. 

At CDS we teach our students to use their passions and voice to make a difference in this world. Whether through education or direct action, CDS hopes to inspire the next generation of confident members of society. Click here for ways to Act Now!

Through books, websites, movies, articles, and other modes of education, we continue the discussions of how to make changes. Click here for resources to further your education.

Building an Ethical Learning Community